microdosing lsd

Does Micro-dosing LSD Improve Your Brain? 

Micro-dosing and taking LSD for tripping is completely different. There have been scientific studies done on micro-dosing to help prove that it improves the brain. You may be wondering, does LSD cause brain damage? In small micro amounts, it will not cause brain damage, however, in large doses, it could. Those who are taking large

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LSD Drug Info- History of LSD, How It Is Used, Its Effects

What is LSD? Lysergic Acid Diethylamide or LSD, commonly known as Acid, is one of the most poorly understood drugs in the world. Its effects are so intense, mysterious and unpredictable, hence dangerous. It is a synthetic drug. A more accurate term would be semi-synthetic hallucinogen as it is derived from both natural and synthetic

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