Does Micro-dosing LSD Improve Your Brain? 

microdosing lsd

Does Micro-dosing LSD Improve Your Brain? 

Micro-dosing and taking LSD for tripping is completely different. There have been scientific studies done on micro-dosing to help prove that it improves the brain. You may be wondering, does LSD cause brain damage? In small micro amounts, it will not cause brain damage, however, in large doses, it could. Those who are taking large doses are likely taking it to trip on acid.

Micro-Dosing LSD

When you take small doses of LSD, you will not notice any LSD visual effects. The most you will notice is an enhanced mood. When you are taking small doses, you are not tripping acid either. This is something that is being studied. When you take LSD, it will slow the brain down and make it quiet. You are making new connections in the brain, as well. This causes your brain to communicate differently. 

Keep in mind that when you microdose LSD, it is a lot different than simply taking a pill. There is a lot for your brain to process. When you do this with LSD, the experience is quite different than any other stimulants. Remember, smaller doses will not send you on a crazy trip. However, they will change the brain over time when you are taking them regularly.

What it Does 

Studies have shown that people who were micro-dosing LSD notice a difference in the way they relate to others. This means they have better relations with themselves, family, other people, and even their environment. They also have a positive outlook on life. Plus, those who are taking small doses of LSD notice a significant change in mood. Those who take it for depression notice they are happier and experience more joy in their lives. Plus, those who experience depression said it was easier to reach out for help compared to before they were micro-dosing with LSD. 

 When you are micro-dosing, it is hard to stay inside all day. You want to get out and enjoy life. You enjoy all the little things around you much more. You appreciate things more than you ever did. You do not take things for granted, as you once did. When you take LSD, you are wiping away negative thoughts and other negative vibes. You may still be hypercritical or sensitive, however, this is not enough to get you down in the dumps. 

Micro-dosing makes anything in life that is difficult easier to deal with. It alters the way you are reacting to things around you. Some people may compare this to meditation. Just as meditation helps some, micro-dosing LSD helps others. Meditation may help someone adapt to situations better and adapt to their emotions, however, micro-dosing will help someone too. 

Not to mention, this helps you be in the moment. When you microdose LSD you are there and not as easily distracted by other things. Your anxiety is less frequent and you are overall in a better mood. Micro-dosing LSD may just be a new depression and anxiety treatment. 


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