LSD Abuse and Treatment

Our portal focuses on the addiction to LSD, their fatal side effects and how to overcome a harmful habit through rehabilitation and treatments.

LSD Drug Info

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide or LSD, commonly known as Acid, is one of the most poorly understood drugs in the world.

LSD Signs and Symptoms

The physical and mental symptoms of LSD consumption: flashbacks, mood swings, Incoherent speech, and anxiety attacks. Learn more about it from our post

Mixing LSD With Other Drugs

A ‘bad trip’ (an experience of LSD usage) itself is quite harmful, especially if the user is alone. Mixing it with other drugs or alcohol can be very uncertain and in some cases fatal.

LSD Overdose

This is characterized by distorted perception and thoughts about real life, pleasurable experiences which are some of the positive effects.