LSD Abuse, Addiction, and Its Treatment

Newspaper articles, movies, scientific studies have highlighted the various ways in which drugs, especially the recreational or the hallucinogenic ones, are harmful and the effects they can cause on our physical and nervous system.

Recreational drugs have always instigated mystery, misunderstanding and controversy since they induce the most sought after yet the most dangerous experience known to human beings. Researchers link substance abuse traffic accidents, domestic violence, sudden deaths, suicides, and criminal activity.

Our Aim Is to Educate on Drugs Abuse Risks

Our portal focuses on the addiction to LSD, their fatal side effects and how to overcome a harmful habit through rehabilitation and treatments.

Effects of Hallucinogenic Drugs on the Human Body

Drugs can be divided broadly into two categories, i.e. medicinal and hallucinogenic. The hallucinogenic ones include Ecstasy, LSD, etc. They are also called psychedelic drugs because of their ability to compel our awareness beyond normal boundaries of consciousness.

They induce a peaceful, euphoric feeling, often a sense of hallucinations which most people crave to feel. The rational consciousness of human beings is a fragile artifact which can be molded or changed very easily by the slightest alteration of the body-chemistry through external stimulation.  

But when it comes to our body chemistry these narcotics are quite harmful to our nervous systems. They are known to lower our inhibitions and cause many more side effects. Here, we intend to discuss in details the key impacts and side-effects of such perilous substances on the human body.

Through this website, we will explain the various side effects that come along with LSD abuse and the risks they pose towards our health. We also lists the solutions and rehabilitation procedures to overcome the destructive addiction.